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What About Errors In The Bible?

Honestly I thought that also when I first started studying. I believed there were errors galore. I remember when I went to college…

…and the professor was handing out copies of “200 Errors is the Bible” written by some professor in some major university.
But I sat down and went through every single one of them, and yes, the bible I read is in fact an english translation of a Greek, Hebrew or aramaic original, but I can say after looking for the errors, there are none that I can find. Sure there are translations of words or sentences that to our modern english ears just don’t sound right, or don’t make sense, but when put in the context of the person writing it, its not an error just because you or I don’t understand it. And yes these new translations that have come out, the NIV and ESV type bibles do in fact have errors in them, but they were created BY translators trying to “fix” misunderstandings in the bible (for an example of this read 1 Samuel 13:1 and notice how different the translations render it, or Acts 1:18 (another hard reading) these two verses are examples of hard readings to translate). Now I do not bash the modern translations, I own a copy of most of them, I do only use the King James to preach, and a New King James, NASB, NET and Reina-Valera Spanish bible to cross reference, and for expanded word choice. But if you want to misunderstand something, you will. If you want to understand it, you can find a way, sure there are a few phrases and sentences that I wish the King James translated differently, but even with a hard reading, they are still correct.