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We Don’t Even Know If Jesus Existed?

Jesus has 3 times as much historical proof than any other ancient person. Alexander the Great only has 1 mention of him that survived within the next 100yrs after his death…

…and only 3 mentions in 150yrs of his death, only after that did a lot of what we consider reliable text get written. Jesus has 41 writers and authors mention him within 100yrs of his death. 9 New Testament authors, 12 Christian authors who may not have met Jesus, but where disciples of the original apostles, and then there are still an additional 18 mentions in secular and Jewish sources, and yes it is true that not all of them say Jesus of Nazareth, but some mention a Jesus, some mention a Christ figure leading a religious sect of Judaism, others call Him the founder of a Jewish cult called “The Way” whose adherents claim he is a messiah or god-figure……and so while they may not mention Him by name every time, they are referring to a group He founded, and besides, why would a man like Bartholomew also known as Nathaniel, get skinned alive for something he knew was a lie? When just admitting the lie, he would have walked away. For more on this read Lee Strobel’s A Case For Christ.