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God Doesn’t Exist!

The most common objection to anything I say comes from those who claim either Atheism, or use an incorrect definition of atheism to make the claim that “a god” doesn’t exist. When what they really mean is they don’t like the idea of god, or are deeply hurt due to something in their past, and so they reject a god without giving alternative views and concepts a chance.

I decided that god probably did exist, not like Richard Dawkins who says god probably does not exist, I came to the point that god probably does exist.
Now I did this without using the Bible, because I didn’t believe in the bible yet, I used logic and reason, and the fact that I could reason it out, is what convinced me there is a god, because if there was a god he would use reason and logic, so I reasoned that whether god is personal, or not, god would be the REASON for the universe and everything in it, and so in many religions of the past they used the term “The First Cause” or “The First Thought” the first cause is to say whatever exists, had to have a beginning, so if the universe exists, it must have had a beginning, so whoever or whatever started it, that is god. Some might say “The Big Bang” created the universe, and I say “What started the Big Bang? And the best scientists in the world have either two things, either it always existed as this small dot with everyone condensed down, which I say “Where did the dot come from.” or they will say “Well we don’t know, but as Stephen Hawking famously said “The fact that a force such as gravity exists means the Universe can and will created itself.” So then, the universe is god. Because the universe created itself, and wouldn’t god be a self-created thing? See Hawking is brilliant, but he was angry at god for allowing him to be handicapped, so he was searching for any reason to explain away a god of love, but you see, the reason his gravity comment is wrong is because gravity is a result of the universe existing, gravity exists BECAUSE the universe exists, so he is saying the result is the cause, that means either the universe is god, which if he wants to believe that, then fine, but either that or there is another cause. See in reality, whether a scientist or Christian, or Muslim, it all comes down to a leap of faith, because we don’t know what started it, or how….. A Muslim says Allah is eternal and unchanging, he always existed, a Jew says YHWH or Adoni, a Christian says God with a capital G just always existed, He has no beginning and no end. Well guess what there are scientists right now trying to figure out a formula that allows for the Universe to just be eternal…so in other words, the universe is god for them….so the first question, Does God Exist? Yes, He probably does.