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Don’t All Religions Lead To Heaven?

This should be more obvious than the others. If each religion is saying you have to do what they do in order to achieve their idea of Heaven, which isn’t even the same concept, or the same place, then how could they all…

…lead to the same place? Does a road map of New Jersey and a map of Florida lead to the same place? If I gave my brother a state road map of California with a destination of San Diego and started him in Orange County, then gave a map of Germany to my sister and started her in Munich and told her to find Berlin, Do you really believe those two will end up in the same place? And especially if you believe that the maps are true, (John 10:9; John 14:6) a person that is practicing Hindu tells you both Christians and Hindus end up in Nirvana/Heaven that Hindu can be ignored, because they don’t actually believe their religion, and why would you believe a person that doesn’t believe their own religion?